About Hal Mooz

Hal Mooz is a trained and experienced systems engineer who co-founded a consulting and training company following a successful career with Lockheed. Mr. Mooz and his team simplified the complex system development process and then trained government agencies, companies, organizations, and individuals to improve their efficiency and success rates. The project management and system engineering models developed have been adopted by companies worldwide. Mr. Mooz has co-authored three editions of Visualizing Project Management published in four languages, Communicating Project Management, and is a contributing author to other publications and books.

Early on Mr. Mooz recognized that the key skill in resolving both personal and business issues is decision making. Yet decision making is seldom taught and when it is, it is usually presented from too narrow a point of view that is inadequate for the normal range of decisions. While co-teaching Systems Management with one of the world’s leading experts in Decision Analysis, Mr. Mooz came to the realization that the broader scope of Thinking Clearly About Decisions was not being addressed. After many years of research and development Mr. Mooz conceived three proprietary models: a Decision Type Model that characterizes what is at stake with any decision; a Decision Solution Model that frames the most suitable alternatives to choose from; and a Decision Judgment Model that provides ten bases for deciding, some of which may be defensible and others that even though they are popular are not defensible.

Mr. Mooz now directs his creative energy to teaching others to become decision fit which can improve both individual and team performance at work and at home.

  • Co-author of Visualizing Project Management published 1996 by Wiley and Sons. Second edition 14 April 2000 and third edition September 2005. In six months became bestselling project management book of 1300 on Amazon.com. VPM now available in Chinese, Arabic, and Finnish.
  • Visualizing Project Management selected by MIT, Stanford, US Naval Post Graduate School, George Washington University, and others for graduate classes including classes in Systems Management
  • Co-author of Communicating Project Management published 2002 by Wiley and Sons
  • Contributing author (Verification Chapter) to The Wiley Guide to Managing Projects published by Wiley and Sons in 2004
  • Contributing author to NASA’s Systems Engineering Handbook
  • Co-creator of the University of California Project Management Training Program
  • Co-founder of the Stanford University Systems Engineering Certificate Program (2006)
  • Member of PMI and presenter of papers and tutorials at PMI, Project World, and international project management conferences
  • Certified Project Management Professional
  • Member of International Council on System Engineering (INCOSE) and presenter of papers and tutorials at international INCOSE conferences. Several papers judged best of conference
  • Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) (2005) by International Council on System Engineering (INCOSE) Recertified 2007, and 2010
  • Recipient of the INCOSE 2001 Pioneer Award for furthering the cause of System Engineering and for integrating project management and systems engineering.
  • Recipient of the CIA Seal Medallion for contributions in project management.