About Decisionfitness

We make hundreds of thousands of decisions in a life time. There are low significance decisions made daily without putting our life style in jeopardy. But…there are many important decisions that we are typically not equipped to make. Decisions about marriage, children, careers, medical treatment, and those scary decisions about sky diving and investments. Decisions of high significance need to be right, but what is required to make a right decision?

There are ten bases for judging alternatives. Some of the ten are sound and defensible to scrutiny and oversight. Others are risky and if used can result in bad outcomes. Unless we have been trained to be decision fit we end up applying emotion, intuition, and even faith to arrive at a best choice. The press is full of individuals using flawed judgment, making the wrong choice, and forever damaging careers, families, and their quality of life as a result.

Physical fitness is all the rage. However, decision fitness is even more important as decision-fit health decisions will result in physical fitness.